Potty Training Stinks

Potty training stinks. Often literally. Been there, done that twice. Three times if you count my own potty training experience as a little girl, which I don’t remember either because it wasn’t very traumatic or because it was so traumatic I’ve completely blocked it out. In my experience, which you can read about HERE, it […]

How To Score Rockstar Status With Your Shorties

Ready to learn how to score ROCKSTAR status with your shorties? It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, and it’s a fun way to surprise your shorties! Paint. Your. Car. Seriously! Your shorties will go CRAZY when you roll up in a painted car!!! You’ll score major cool points! Or if they are getting to that too-cool-for-you stage, […]

Pot Of Gold At The End Of My Rainbow Loom Bracelet Idea

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! *woot woot* Since March 1st, I have been playing lil leprechaun for my sweet shorties. Every morning, they love looking around to find our lil leprechaun’s surprise. You can read more about the fun (and score another free printable) HERE. One of the new fun surprises our lil leprechaun left […]

Putting The ASS In Embarrassment

Ever notice how the word embarrassment sounds like em-bare-ass-ment? Prior to yesterday, I hadn’t noticed either. I had to do a pre-employment physical and drug test. No problem. Never done drugs and I’m healthy. The nurse started the exam then busted out a gown and spoke these words: “I’ll step out. Just remove your shirt […]

100 Low or No Cost Ways to Bust Boredom and Blues

“Mom, I’m bored!” Please tell me I’m not the only mom who has heard that at least once. And by once I mean 184 times. In one day. You’re bored? How is that even possible with 5,000 things to play with in this house!? Between their toys, books, games, and imaginations, boredom should be an […]

31 Days Of Awesome Tips And Ideas From A Super Mom Wannabe ~ Day 3

Hello! It’s day 3 of my 31 Days of Awesome series. Confession: I’m sarcastic. Shocker for those who know me well, I’m sure. {that was sarcastic, in case you don’t} I have NO idea where I get it from. {that was sarcastic too} My mom is one of the least sarcastic people I know. {yep, […]

Project 4-Ohhh

Forty. 40. 4-Ohhh. I have a favorite F word and this. is. not. it. A few months ago, I decided how I would celebrate my next birthday. My 40th birthday. Which happens to be today. I cannot believe I am celebrating my 40th birthday. {and I use the word ‘celebrate’ loosely…celebrate that I’m alive, yes, […]

Camp Mom Ideas

I’m an idea person. My mom is very creative and I definitely inherited the creative gene from her. (thank you, mom!) Coming up with ideas for Camp Mom is half the fun for me. This year, it was fun hearing my shorties’ ideas! My shorties are very creative too and they had lots of fun […]

It’s Almost Camp Mom Time!

Yep, it’s that time of year again! It’s almost Camp Mom time! YEAH! During the summer, I host Camp Mom for my shorties and they LOVE it! And I love that it avoids the misery that comes with having bored shorties. So it’s a win-win all the way around. And let’s face it, time flies […]

School’s Out For The Summer!!!

School’s out for the summer!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Granted, my shorties are probably more excited than I am but their excitement reminds me of how excited I was for summer breaks when I was growing up! Good times and good memories! You know I couldn’t let the last day of school go by without making it extra special! […]