{Not Quite} The Queen of Quilting

The queen of quilting, I am. Not quite. Quite the contrary, in fact. Until a few weeks ago, I had never even considered how a quilt was made or how much time went into creating one.¬†Obviously, I had never made a quilt. Ever. In my life. Maybe it’s because I’m the type of person who […]

Hot Pajama Remake

It all started a couple years ago when it got too warm for my daughter to wear her favorite princess pajamas. She wore these princess pjs well into spring but there was no denying the long sleeves and pajama pants were soooo last season. So I did what any loving mother would do…I placed them […]

Holey Knee Jeans

Yes, it’s true…some of us actually pay for jeans with holes in the knees. And yes, maybe it’s true that the good money we shell out for the jeans seems ridiculous to some. But they’re cool. I may be a mom but I’m not wearing mom jeans. So tell me…what’s the difference between jeans I […]

Iron Woman

I have a confession. I iron. And I don’t hate it. Yes, I iron our clothes every day, even on weekends. I iron our linens. I have even been known to iron cold hard cash. (hey, it was a gift and the “crisp” bill I requested wasn’t crisp to my satisfaction so I handled it […]