Teacher Appreciation

As I shared here, I reaaaaaaaaaaally appreciate teachers! My shorties have been blessed with awesome teachers. I love volunteering in their classrooms, being head room parent, being part of the PTO, and making sure my shorties’ teachers know how much we appreciate them! My shorties and I love surprising their teachers with little goodies a […]

For The Love Of Teachers

As a little girl, I had big dreams of becoming a teacher. For years, I played teacher, principal, and student at Heather Elementary. At some point along the way, it occurred to me that I’d need patience and I’d have to deal with other people’s shorties, and worse, other shorties’ parents, which would require even […]

Mostess Hostess

Hostess, anyone? I’m talking about Hostess, of the¬†Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, and other diet-unfriendly variety. My sister-in-law loves them. I’m pretty sure she could tell you off the top of her head the location and hours of every¬†Hostess Bakery Outlet nearby. And I’m pretty sure Hostess restocks shelves at her local Walmart more than […]