School’s Out For The Summer!!!

Monday, May 28th, 2012

School’s out for the summer!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Granted, my shorties are probably more excited than I am but their excitement reminds me of how excited I was for summer breaks when I was growing up! Good times and good memories!

You know I couldn’t let the last day of school go by without making it extra special! We started the day with caterpillar pancakes. My sweet baby girl studied caterpillars then butterflies in recent weeks at school so this was a fun idea for her.

For her morning snack, I made a special cupcake with a fun free printable (available for preschool to 5th grade) I found here:

Tucking my daughter in bed the night before her last day of school, she informed me that she wished she had a special shirt to wear on her last day of 1st grade. *sigh* So, around 10:30pm I was sitting in my home office creating this “masterpiece” as a surprise. Fortunately, she had a plain white tee in her closet and I had exactly two sheets of iron-on transfer paper. Add in a few fabric markers, an iron, a scanner, a printer, and voila. I scanned one of my daughter’s recent drawings of her friends and printed it on iron-on transfer paper for the front of her tee. I scanned and printed her class photo for the back of the tee. When she woke in the morning, I showed it to her and her eyes lit up! Made the bags under my eyes SO worth it! :-)

I told my daughter that I’d deliver a special lunch to her for her last lunch of first grade ever! Shortly before her lunchtime, I picked up her favorite fast food and delivered it in a lunch bag I decorated similar to her t-shirt. :-) She loved it!

When it was time to pick her up from school, I rolled through the pick-up line with her private school bus looking like this:

She was SO excited and her friends seemed to like it too! My daughter took a special treat to her friends at school. We attached cute little tags (found here) to ice pops with curling ribbon with stickers on the back of the tags which read: 1) freeze 2) enjoy and she wrote her name on them. So fun! On our way home, we stopped by a friend’s house and delivered a special last day of school/first day of summer after school snack…frozen ice pops and some jello cookies we made using this recipe and this cute printable tag:

And my daughter was SO surprised to arrive home after her last fun-filled day of school to find this:

Yard signs which read “OH YEAH It’s SUMMER” with a balloon garland across the front porch and a balloon wreath on the door. (excuse the grass…we’ve had ZERO rain recently)

And this special after school snack and bucket of summer fun was waiting on the kitchen table:

Such a fun last day of school full of surprises and memorable moments! Shorties and I loved it (and I love that it’s over because it was a lot of work, yo)!

We’ve been enjoying our Memorial Day weekend and hope you are too! Tomorrow, Camp Mom 2012 begins! Shhhhh, don’t tell my shorties because it’s a surprise. :-)



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