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Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Camp Mom is on! It has been a few weeks since the last day of school, Camp Mom has been in full swing, and we’ve been having fun! (you can learn more about Camp Mom here, here, and here)

Shorties and I are having a blast and making the most of our summer! We’ve already blown through three bottles of sunscreen, replaced one pair of flip flops, and had to buy another box of BandAids. We have tan lines, sun-streaked tresses, and plenty of bruises from playing hard. Those are signs of good times, yo!

Being fired from Camp Mom didn’t last long. (you can read about that here) There may or may not have been some hardball played by Mom followed by some begging and pleading for mom’s return, and grand displays of appreciation with promises to never fire mom again. LOL Talk about timing…two of my daughter’s friends dropped by to play. When they left, my daughter told me they noticed the Camp Mom 2012 poster hanging inside our front door and both of her friends said their moms don’t do fun stuff like that for them. *note to self: slip each of those friends a five spot next time they drop by as a token of my appreciation* (I kid, I kid.) My daughter has been thanking me daily for, as she puts it, “all you do for us.” And it’s often followed by “you’re the best mom ever!” *woot woot*

Summer is flying by! We are scratching things off our Camp Mom activity list left and right but I’ve gotta say, some of the most fun has come from unplanned activities. Finding a snakeskin in the yard, wrapping it around my arm and running up to my shorties. (What!? Just doing my part to keep it exciting. Bwahahahahaha!) Finding a snake (not sure if it was the snake from the snakeskin) and chasing it. Shorties giggled like crazy over that one. Grabbing my son’s hand and running through the sprinkler, fully clothed, because we’d been working in the garage, it was hot, and sometimes the urge to be spontaneously fun is overwhelming! Once he stopped laughing, he said “I didn’t see that coming!” lol A little creativity goes a long way.

One of my favorite quotes is “Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories.” My hope is that all of the moments shared with my shorties today will be moments they treasure tomorrow. I hope to instill a love for life, spontaneity, creativity, a sense of humor, and a fun and adventurous spirit in my shorties. And wearing them out so they sleep well at night is a major bonus!

What are your fondest childhood memories?



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