5 For Friday

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Five things I’m LOVING this week:

1) Our new Igloo Cube! I have the large one but I finally scored the 14-can capacity cube at Target on Sunday and I’m loving it! We have used it every day this week and I don’t see that changing till the weather is chilly. Perfect size for us whether we’re running errands, going to the park, hanging poolside, going to the zoo, or for a picnic. This week, I’ve been filling it with a few bottles of Dasani and a couple of Uline cold packs (which I love! Colder than ice and in the very well-insulated Cube, ice crystals form in our ), putting it on the floor in front of the passenger’s seat and going about our day. My shorties are always asking for water but they (like me) want it cold. So now, I’ll no longer be rolling through McDonald’s drive-thru for 3 bottles of Dasani which cost more than I spend on a case of Dasani on sale. And that means no longer denying requests for soda or orange drink while rolling through the golden arches. Now, I can just reach over, grab an ice cold Dasani, granting Dasani dreams and water wishes on the fly. Cuz that’s how I roll, yo.

2) Chili’s Kids Eat FREE days! We enjoy eating at Chili’s and lately, I’ve really been loving the days kids eat free. I signed up for Chili’s e-newsletter and liked them on facebook so I am notified. Two free kid meals per adult. Score! Treating my shorties AND saving money AND not having to plan, prepare, or clean up? YES, PLEASE!

3) Spraygrounds ~ we have several spraygrounds (aka splash pads) near us and we love them! We spent three hours at one today and my shorties had a blast! Who needs to pay for a water park when the spraygrounds/splash pads are free!? Bonus! And bonus points in my book because it wore them out (as usual) and they took really good naps this afternoon! *woot woot*

4) Seeing What’s In Your Purse! Okay, well, maybe not yours as in yours, yours, but yours in general. Yours as in the purses belonging to some of my fave bloggers, like this one. Have you seen any of the What’s In Your Purse posts? Some things women carry in their purses are hilarious! And it’s fun to peek in OPP (other people’s purses, yo…why? what did you think I meant?) and see what they’re packing. I’ll share mine soon.

5) RoC products cuz they ROCK! Seriously loving them! My current faves: Daily Resurfacing Disks, Multi-Correxion Night Treatment, and Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer SPF30. Just doing what I can to preserve what I have for as long as I can. lol



Until next week…What are you loving this week?

Disclaimer: I was not paid or perked in any way for this post. These are just some things that I’m loving this week.


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