Oh For The Love Of Shorties!

    Hi and welcome to my happy little corner of the blogosphere. It’s kind of like a mommy timeout here. It’s where you can go when you just need a little adult interaction, a good laugh, or a minute to focus on something that doesn’t need to be cleaned, cooked, or chauffeured. And you may be reading this on […]

Fun and Easy Coach Gift

Score a home run with this fun and easy gift, perfect for a coach or parent helper! Score another home run for doing it under $2 per gift! SCORE!!! (aaaaaand the crowd. goes. wild.) Baseball season is coming to a close. My shorties had awesome coaches again this year so we wanted to give them […]

EASY Baseball Team Snack

Score a home run with this EASY baseball team snack! My shorties are both in baseball again this year and we’ve spent almost more time at the ball field than at home! Batter up! All of the parents on our teams take turns handling the team snack. Most of the parents pay $10 to the […]

Pot Of Gold At The End Of My Rainbow Loom Bracelet Idea

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! *woot woot* Since March 1st, I have been playing lil leprechaun for my sweet shorties. Every morning, they love looking around to find our lil leprechaun’s surprise. You can read more about the fun (and score another free printable) HERE. One of the new fun surprises our lil leprechaun left […]

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas and Leprechaun Door {and FREE PRINTABLE}

My shorties are a WEE bit excited about St. Patrick’s Day this year! Okay, it happens every year. They LOVE St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns, (and loom bracelets, but I’ll get to that in a minute) and it’s a fun and easy one for this mom! On March 1st, our leprechaun door made its appearance. What!? […]

Laminator Love

Laminator love. It’s a thing, right? Well, it should be! I love my laminator! It pretty much rocks, it wasn’t expensive, and my shorties and I love it! Here is the one I love (click for affiliate link) and it’s less than $20! We’ve created custom bookmarks with it. Pretty easy…grab your favorite paper (we […]

Putting The ASS In Embarrassment

Ever notice how the word embarrassment sounds like em-bare-ass-ment? Prior to yesterday, I hadn’t noticed either. I had to do a pre-employment physical and drug test. No problem. Never done drugs and I’m healthy. The nurse started the exam then busted out a gown and spoke these words: “I’ll step out. Just remove your shirt […]

100 Low or No Cost Ways to Bust Boredom and Blues

“Mom, I’m bored!” Please tell me I’m not the only mom who has heard that at least once. And by once I mean 184 times. In one day. You’re bored? How is that even possible with 5,000 things to play with in this house!? Between their toys, books, games, and imaginations, boredom should be an […]

5 For Friday

Five things I’m LOVING this week: 1) Heat! Whether it’s from the roof over our heads, our fireplace, warm clothes and blankets, or our heater, I’ m so grateful for heat! We’ve been snowed in for a week, compliments of Snowpocalypse/Snomageddon/Polar Vortex! Seriously, Mother Nature and Jack Frost hold the top two positions on my […]

31 Days Of Awesome Tips And Ideas From A Super Mom Wannabe ~ Day 7

Growing like weeds. That’s the saying but around here it’s more like growing like weeds on MiracleGro, yo! Dang, Gina! Growth spurts happen, often seemingly overnight, and keeping shorties in high-waters is easy. In jeans that fit in length, notsomuch. I found a quick and easy way to make those jeans last just a while […]

31 Days Of Awesome Tips And Ideas From A Super Mom Wannabe ~ Day 6

The other day my shorties and I were at an event for kids. Waiting in line, there was a family ahead of us with a boy around the age of 8 and a girl around the age of 4. I overheard the boy telling the little girl to hold her tongue while saying words such […]