Oh For The Love Of Shorties!

    Hi and welcome to my happy little corner of the blogosphere. It’s kind of like a mommy timeout here. It’s where you can go when you just need a little adult interaction, a good laugh, or a minute to focus on something that doesn’t need to be cleaned, cooked, or chauffeured. And you may be reading this on […]

Sign Link   Here’s the link: Brown Adhesive Felt Pad – Button 1/2″ Diameter 1,000 / Roll

Potty Training Stinks

Potty training stinks. Often literally. Been there, done that twice. Three times if you count my own potty training experience as a little girl, which I don’t remember either because it wasn’t very traumatic or because it was so traumatic I’ve completely blocked it out. In my experience, which you can read about HERE, it […]

Water Balloon Fight ~ Best Way To Fill Water Balloons

Water balloon fights are a summer favorite around here! Water balloon wars, water balloon pinatas, water balloon tag, water balloon toss, water balloon target practice, water balloon basketball, water balloon baseball…we go through water balloons, yo. Major summertime fun! Playing with water balloons is totally fun! Filling water balloons, notsomuch. Water balloons are kinda like […]

Shorty Bathroom Update For My Future Pre-Tweens

Confession time: my shorties’ bathroom decor hasn’t changed much since they were babies. A few years ago, we busted out some canvas and paint, and my shorties had fun creating artwork for their bathroom. We added a couple new canvas art pieces created by them again a couple years ago. Since my sweet shorties were […]

Because I’m Just A Mom And Don’t Work

“Because you haven’t gone back to work yet.” This was the response I received after saying I like Mondays. If only throat-punching weren’t frowned upon. It wasn’t the time or place (it rarely is when a) you’re a mom focused on setting a good example for your shorties, and b) you’re a few years outta […]

5 For Friday

Five things I’m LOVING this week: 1) Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt – I love this! This bad boy ROCKS for a quick vacuum anywhere…car, craft room, stairs, baseboards, and in all those little spots where the vacuum cannot reach. I take it in the car once a week and use it while […]

Snow Day Reading: Favorite Books and Reviews

Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a blanket and a good book! I’m looking forward to doing more of this now that my shorties are back in school. Or on days when school is canceled due to weather, like today, and we all grab books and snuggle up on my bed together […]

Samsung Gas Range With Convection Oven

Getting my bake on in my new convection oven is AWESOME! Just weeks before Thanksgiving, our oven stopped working. Lots of research later, I decided on this bad boy and I’m in love! This hotness entered my life the week before Thanksgiving and I was so grateful! After weeks with no oven, I was going […]

Let It Go: The Stuff Not The Memories

Happy 2015! Here’s to a happy, healthy, amazing year! Today is the first day back to our normal routine after Christmas break. Back to school, back to work, and back to waking up earlier than we’d like. And I love it! I absolutely LOVE Christmas! We celebrate it in a big way with tons of […]

Fun Reclaimed Wood Signs

‘Tis the season to get creative! Okay, so it’s always time for creativity, but this time of year it’s even more fun to be creative! My shorties and I have been crafting, baking, and making all kinds of gifts, goodies, and memories! We are getting ready for our first-ever craft show. When I was growing […]